Work with Melbourne: Point-Of-Sale Display Stands for Your Business

A point-of-sale display is a no-brainer; catch a customer while they’re already making a purchase. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can team up with larger, more recognisable names and utilise existing consumer relationships to broaden their customer base.

Think about it: Catch a businessman at his favourite café. As he’s at his most comfortable, suggest to him that he take a look at your product. Advertising is a problem of time and space – where and when is it going to be most effective to ask for people’s attention?

POS display stands in Melbourne are an easy, static way to draw customers to your brand. It’s lock-it-and-leave – once it’s in place, rest assured that when people are queuing for their coffee or waiting for some help they’ll be looking at your display.

Get some good press with our POS display stands

Why stop at the café queue? Get people on their phones on the walk up with our email marketing, or on the street outside with our professionally-designed flyers. We can help create a robust, seductive advertising campaign tailored for your business from the ground up.

We offer a complete advertising strategy package that gets your name out there as fast and as accurately as possible. We are experts at working around your needs and the unique demands of your industry to ensure that your voice stands out from the crowd.

Contact Impact Marketing Services today for a complete rejuvenation of your brand. We can help with everything from catalogues and flyers, to digital marketing such as emails and website banners. We are a strong, capable team who are ready to help you grow your client-base. Call us on 1800 249 056 to find out how!